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Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

These three countries are fascinating holiday destinations individually, but can also be combined in different ways.  Their histories are all very different, but equally fascinating – not always easy to experience, but worthwhile.  Researching the destination before you travel is particularly important when planning a holiday to Vietnam, Cambodia and/or Laos.  We will arrange all the details, including knowledgeable local guides.

Laos – A rapidly developing travel destination, Laos combines well with neighbouring Vietnam and Cambodia. Traversed by the mighty Mekong River, Laos has a unique and diverse culture, with abundant natural sights and historic monuments. The capital city Vientiane can be less frenetic than some larger Asian cities, and has retained a lot of French colonial influences, and offers visitors good levels of accommodation.

Vietnam – Stretching from its Chinese border in the north, to its tip in the Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam is a fascinating and increasingly popular destination for travellers. Beaches along the South China Sea coast are plenty and pristine. It is still possible to find a sandy haven all to yourself, and some say that the coast here is prettier than Thailand. At opposite ends of the country, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the two main urban centres, with plenty to keep visitors occupied in between. Tours of the De-Militarized Zone give insight into Vietnam’s troubled history, while preserved countryside villages offer a glimpse into an ancient way of life. With its French heritage, Vietnam offers a surprising blend of cuisine, culture and exoticism. We recommend visiting before it becomes too popular

Cambodia – A captivating country, Cambodia is rapidly developing as a must-visit destination in South East Asia. It has a rich history and culture, as well as world-renowned landmarks like the sprawling 12th century temple complex of Angkor Wat and UNESCO World Heritage Site Sambor Prei Kuk. The accommodation throughout the country caters to every taste, with top end private islands and resorts to rival the best in Asia. A visit to Cambodia can combine perfectly with neighbouring Vietnam and Laos.



Laos is:

  • Friendly
  • Relaxed
  • Landlocked
  • Charming
  • Historically surprising

Perfect for:

  • Discovering the country’s ancient and modern history
  • Cruising the Mekong
  • Meeting the people
  • Hiking and walking
  • Quiet contemplation

Cambodia is:

  • Busy
  • Historic
  • Exciting
  • Delicious
  • Breathtaking
  • Humbling

Perfect for:

  • History buffs
  • Adventurous travellers
  • Beach lovers
  • River Cruising
  • Active holidays

Vietnam is:

  • Buzzing
  • Natural
  • Beautiful
  • Full of contrasts
  • Exciting

Perfect for:

  • History enthusiasts – excellent museums. Humbling reminders of the Vietnam conflict.
  • Culture lovers
  • Beautiful pagodas and palaces
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Cruising on Halong Bay
  • Active holidays
  • Families