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Where to begin with the vast sprawl of China? This is a country which conjures up so many images; pandas, the Great Wall and Terracotta Army, Tiananmen Square, the futuristic skyscrapers of Shanghai, that the only way is to dive in head first. A combined trip to Shanghai and Beijing, connected by bullet train, will reveal all the spectacle of modern China. Enjoy a cruise through the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Visit the rustic, rural water towns in Eastern China for a step back in time. In wintertime, Northern China displays the world’s largest ice sculptures, and offers a vast array of winter sports. Celebrating a cultural obsession, The Great Tea Road takes visitors through China to Mongolia and on to Russia. With more than 10,000 kilometres of coastline, China also offers beaches, tropical islands and resorts, and much more besides. So take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the historical and natural wonders of this fascinating country.

So much to see, to do, to enjoy, to experience, and to learn.

With an enormous choice of holidays – please contact us to discuss your trip to China.

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