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Argentina is a fascinating country and offers an enormous variety of activities. It is also a country for all seasons, not just somewhere to visit during the European winter...

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Brazil is a country of so many contrasts that it would be easier to think of it as many countries instead of just one. Trying to “do” Brazil in one holiday is only sensible if you have a VERY long time to spend in this huge and fascinating country...

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Chile is the long, thin country on the left of South America. This may sound simplistic, but by its very nature of being long and thin Chile combines an amazing variety of terrain and climate. In the far North of the country is the Atacama Desert, whilst in the far South are the ice caps around Tierra del Fuego...

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Long overlooked because of bad publicity it, Colombia is fast becoming one of the destinations about which all the travel reviews are talking. Not yet "in" enough to lost its charm and unique qualities, but we really consider now is the time to go...

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Ecuador manages to pack in incredibly diverse variations of scenery and climate within its borders. In fact, the attraction of the Galapagos Islands seem to have taken the focus off mainland Ecuador as a holiday destination, which is a great pity...

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Costa Rica

This is a popular Shellseekers' destination, with very good reason. Costa Rica is a wonderland of nature - perfect for all age groups and interests and still superb value for money. Do get in touch with us to find out more about this extremely special destination.

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Sometimes overlooked in favour of its neighbours, Uruguay is an excellent holiday destination.

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Whatever is said about Peru, nothing prepares you for the real thing...

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Mexico has beautiful coastlines, so often is thought of as mainly a beach holiday. Of course, once again, there is much more to the country than just the beach and blue water.

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