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The choice of destinations in Africa is vast and each country has its own special appeal. The choice of where to go is very personal and we feel it is vitally important to chat about the options when planning your Africa holiday.

Our itineraries are carefully created because they WORK, and the combinations offer a wonderful variety. Once again, the best way to find your ideal African safari is to take time to discuss what it is you are looking for and then work together to get all the details perfect.

There are some fascinating places to visit, many of which are still quite "un-touristy", and now is the time to go. We always work with responsible and knowledgeable local colleagues, whose expertise will ensure you get the best possible (and most fascinating) African experience.

There are some classic combinations which work wonderfully - for example Victoria Falls and a safari in Botswana, Zambia or Zimbabwe. Combine a safari with a beach break in Mozambique, Zanzibar, the Kenyan Coast or Lake Malawi. There are so many wonderful choices - so do give us a call to find out more.

Children – there are some exceptional safaris which are perfect for families.

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Asia is the largest Continent, in terms of land mass and population.  It borders Europe and is linked to Africa by the Isthmus of Suez.  So it is not surprising that the countries of Asia are all different and unique due to the vast variety of climates, influences and history.  The highest mountain is Mount Everest in Nepal, and the longest river the Yangtze in China.  Add to this languages including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Sinhala, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese and many, many others and you will realise the huge variety within Asia.
Our holidays to Asia are as diverse as the countries where they take place.  It would not be wise to compare what is on offer - only to say that in Asia there is truly something for everyone.  
We have tried to give a rounded profile for each Asian country on our website, but the best way to find something perfect for you is to contact us to discuss the possibilities.  However, if you KNOW what you want but not how to go about finding or arranging it then please give us the details and we will work on this together.  We have wonderful Asian colleagues in whom we have total confidence and who assist us in creating each unique holiday.  
If the country in which you are interested does not appear on the website, please still ask us what we can offer.  With so much to choose from in Asia, not everything will appear on our website.
We love Asia and get great pleasure in introducing our clients to aspects which they may not find otherwise.  Asia is not an experience, it is many experiences. 

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Australia and New Zealand


If Australia appeals to you... and why wouldn't it ?....then give us a call and we will chat about the type of holiday you're looking for. After that we'll take care to find you some tempting options which match or maybe even exceed your hopes.

We are also happy to organise stopovers en-route to Australia and New Zealand, we feel these work well as the flight “down under” is incredibly tiring.  Breaking up the flight makes the big time change less of a shock.
New Zealand is a wonderful holiday, with infinite variety and ideal for nature lovers, wine enthusuasts, everyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits of whatever variety, or just those who enjoy relaxing and taking life slowly.  It is the ideal destination for a driving tour, as roads are good and distances manageable.





We have a selection of Caribbean Islands from which to choose.  Some of the suggestions are not “purely” Caribbean but have a Caribbean coast and so are included in the suggestions.  We love exploring different countries and not just suggesting “one hotel and one beach”.  Of course, if your idea of the best holiday is to spend it in one place relaxing then we are more than happy to arrange this for you.

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North America


The USA is a country of huge diversity, and the variety of holidays is huge. 

For the more adventurous, we have some very unique itineraries to Alaska.  Do ask for more details - the adventurous amongst you will LOVE these!

Canada is also a great holiday destination – although quite different to the USA.  The choice of where to go is huge – whether you want an outdoor break, a cruise, a scenic train journey, golfing, skiing, or a great city break.

Although it is not the USA – don’t forget BERMUDA.  Historic, pink sands, great weather and fun, fun, fun.

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South America / Latin America


We are a little elastic with our Latin America description - as it stretches from Mexico to beyond the tips of Argentina and Chile and into the Antarctic.  The variety encompassed in this HUGE area cannot be encapsulated in a short description, but we are passionate about the wonderful holidays which are possible.

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European countries are often very easy to visit independently, with the aid of the internet, personal knowledge or information from friends.  However, this can also be a drawback - where is a little bit different, or special?  Our holidays to Europe are created as a result of exactly the same criteria as above - personal knowledge, tips handed on by friends and colleagues, and our clients' experience.

Over the years we have built up a selection of hotels in Europe which we think are special, unique, and worth returning to again and again.  As well as hotels, we have created itineraries which work very well and can be fine tuned to suit the individual. 
We make absolutely no apology for including our own personal favourite places here - but these are changing and being added to all the time. 
We also heartily recommend using trains to see much of Europe - including for multi-country holidays.  We will happily make all the arrangements - routing, train tickets (plus pre-booked seats), transfers, car hire, concert tickets, city tours, and accommodation.
We have included details of many European countries, but if your destination of choice is not here please do not hesitate to contact us. 


We believe that your holiday should be precisely what you want, not a compromise based on what is pre-packaged and already in existence.

We create a holiday especially for you, based on your individual requirements. 

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