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India is a combination of many holidays in one, vast, country. From Kashmir in the far North to Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the South, India offers an almost unlimited selection of places to see, cultures to experience, history to discover, and nature to delight.

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Now renamed Myanmar, but still widely known as Burma - this is one of the most special destinations in Asia...

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China is such a vast and diverse destination that it could not possibly be done in one holiday...

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Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

These countries can be combined or visited separately. Each is unique and fascinating and has attractions particular to itself...

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Sri Lanka

Known as the "Pearl of the East" because of its shape, Sri Lanka is a jewel of an island. Sri Lanka has had a chequered past, but has never lost its natural beauty and aura of gentleness...

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Malaysia & Borneo

Fast becoming one of our best selling destinations - Malaysia is a fabulous holiday destination...

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